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Gallery visit: Yun Sungfeel at Hanmi Gallery

Sungfeel Yun: Energy series
Sungfeel Yun: Energy series (at Hanmi Gallery, October 2014)

Here are a few installation shots of Yun Sungfeel’s current exhibition, Fields of Immersion, which closed on Friday.

Working from the top down, a couple from his Chaos, Cosmos and Circulation series on the second floor – iron filings and glue.

Next, his Energy series of metal sculptures, which were installed on the first floor:

And on the ground floor, his Looking at the Real World from within the Real World series. First, #19, made with ferrofluid along with the usual magnets and motion detectors:

And #23, using iron filings.

The one nearest the door, #24, used 5p pieces balanced on their edge. Quite an achievement.


  • There’s an interview with Sungfeel by Encounter Contemporary on YouTube here.

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