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Style Sharing and the AW15 collections at London Fashion Week

Style Sharing window display

Once again the Korean Cultural Centre participated fully in London Fashion Week with a contribution to the International Fashion Showcase. The exhibition, entitled Style Sharing and curated by Tory Turk, focused on Korean designers with London training. To complement the displays, British filmmaker Eoin Glaister was asked to produce short videos inspired by the work and brief of each designer. The exhibition was pulled together in a couple of months, with Turk having to communicate with the designers, many of whom are now back in Korea, via email and Skype. The balli-balli and hi-tech preparation of the exhibition was picked up by various motifs painted onto the KCC walls.

Hyunsoo Heather Park

Hyunsoo Heather Park’s collection used soft pastels but was inspired by prison uniforms and tattoos, while Ha Sang Beg’s quirky collection had a carnival air to it – nicely referenced in Glaister’s accompanying video.

Ha Sang Beg

Rok Hwang’s collection was unique in the exhibition for being largely monochrome, in soft beige and camel colours (complemented by a muted grey / blue video of a South London park).

Rok Hwang

Heo Hwan was selected as one of Vauxhall Fashion Scouts “Ones to Watch” for AW12/13. He set up his own label in 2010. His collection was complemented by a video of a mosh pit in a heavy metal concert.

Heo Hwan

Jay Jinhee Moon’s debut collection was featured in this London Fashion Week, and another of Vauxhall Fashion Scouts “Ones to Watch” (for AW15/16).

J Moon

Her collection showed a fun sense of contrast in texture and colour.

J Moon

J Koo, which consists of designers Choi Jinwoo and Koo Yeonjoo, was established in London in 2010. Their collection showed influences of 1920s and 30s tennis wear.

J Koo

Finally, Nayoung Moon had probably the most experimental approach to shape and use of materials, with the geometric shapes incorporated into her designs.

Hayoung Moon

At London Fashion Week itself, regular exhibitors Eudon Choi and J JS Lee caught the attention.

Flares strong for another season at #EudonChoi. And can we talk about those fringed wraps?

“Flares strong for another season at Eudon Choi,” tweeted the Sunday Times. “And can we talk about those fringed wraps?”

J JS Lee

Meanwhile J JS Lee’s collection, according to Twenty6 Magazine, was “based upon childhood memories of Korea. The androgynous tailoring drew upon her tomboy years mixing sports vibes with a delicate feminine twist.”

At Fashion Scout, three Korean designers showed their AW15/16 collections: J Moon (who also participated in Style Sharing above:

Soojin Lee, who is also showing at Shanghai, Seoul and Vancouver Fashion Weeks:

And Minju Kim, whose collection combines “extreme curves, peplums, exaggerated shapes and an array of textures.” (Fashion Scout website)

Congratulations to all the exhibitors.

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