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Wanted – interpreter for collaborative theatre project

Hanyong Theatre Company
Hanyong Theatre Company enjoy some down-time while working on The Bridge

This is a request for assistance that I’m very happy to pass on. I’ve been impressed with the work of Hanyong Theatre Company for a while, particularly for their play The Bridge, which was touring around ten years ago. To quote from their website:

Set during the Korean War, The Bridge is a powerful play about a young National Serviceman from Birmingham, injured in the course of trying to blow up a bridge, who is found and befriended by three Korean children. Communicating across the language barrier, and under the harshest conditions imaginable, they form a relationship which is full of hope and honesty and playfulness

Also, I’m feeling a little guilty because Hanyong’s director Peter Wynne-Willson sent me the script of the play to do a review, years ago. I started reading it, and to be honest it pretty soon was bringing tears to my eyes, but I’ve never got around to writing that review. So by way of recompense, I’m hoping this little post will be of assistance in Hanyong’s next project:

Wanted – interpreter for collaborative theatre project

Hangyong logoWe need help with an exciting project bringing together theatre groups from the UK and Korea. A new play for teenagers is being created by Hanyong Theatre in the UK and by the National Theatre Company of Korea, for performance in 2016-17. We need someone with an understanding of theatre who can help interpret meetings between the UK and Korean writers between 26th November and 1st December in London. It would suit someone with strong English but not necessarily wide experience as an interpreter, as long as they have some understanding of the creative process. Please contact Peter Wynne-Willson at Hanyong Theatre – [email protected] – if you are interested.


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