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RIP Chun Kyung-ja

Chun Kyung-ja: Solitude
Chun Kyung-ja: Solitude – on show at Seoul Museum (credit: Seoul Museum)
Korea’s best-known older generation female artist, Chun Kyung-ja, died in New York two months ago aged 91, but news of her death has only just been made public. According to the Korea JoongAng Daily:

Chun is best known for her exotic and strong-colored paintings of women and flowers that express sorrow, loneliness and longing.

You can usually find her work on show at the Seoul Museum of Art (behind the Deoksu Palace), who have a good collection of her work, but at the moment she also has work on show at Buamdong’s Seoul Museum (

Read more in the Korea JoongAng Daily.

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