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This round of British Council / Arts Council England AIDF grants has Korea focus

Artists and other creative practitioners based in England but with interests in Korea may be interested that in the next round of grants provided by the Artists International Development Fund, around 25% of the budget will be spent on Korea-related proposals. Details follow:

Korea Focus – Artists International Development Fund

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The next round of the Artists International Development Fund (co-funded by Arts Council England and British Council) has a Korea focus. This means that for one-time only, applications to go to Korea will be preferred. This is linked to the development work for the British Council’s upcoming UK-Korea Season in 2017-18. If you made a useful contact during the London Book Fair Korea Market Focus which you would like to pursue, do consider applying.

The full criteria can be found in this pdf download from the Arts Council website. This round closes at 17.00 on 13 April 2016.

Briefly, AIDF offers early stage development opportunities for individual freelance and self-employed artists and/or creative practitioners (including, for example: producers, curators, publishers, editors, translators, choreographers) based in England to spend time building links with artists, organisations and/or creative producers in another country.

  • Grants are for £1000-£5000
  • The applicant must demonstrate reputation/track record in their art form in the UK
  • The applicant must not have extensive experience of working in/with the country of the proposed visit
  • Applications require a letter of support from a partner in the country of the proposed visit


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