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Conference news: the Joint East Asian Studies Conference

JEASC 2016 poster

This is a meaty conference, with something for all disciplines, co-organised by the British Associations for Chinese, Japanese and Korean Studies with the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies. The book of abstracts of the conference papers alone extends to 157 pages. The list of panelists is 12 pages long. And spread over 3 days at SOAS, with up to 8 panel sessions going on simultaneously it is quite clearly impossible to attend every talk. Take your pick from the conference programme here, and book your place here. Full details on the SOAS website.

Joint East Asian Studies Conference (JEAS) 2016

7 – 9 September 2016
Venue: SOAS College Buildings, Russell Square.

This conference provides a major venue for the dissemination of research on East Asian Studies in various disciplines for academics from both the UK and abroad.


The conference is centred on five key themes:

  1. Aging and Demography
  2. Memory & History
  3. Identity
  4. Trans-Cultural Flows
  5. Geo-Politics

Keynote lectures

Professor Lin Man-Hong (Academia Sinica)
‘Restitution vs Treaty: Different Sovereignty Claims for the South China Seas’, Wednesday 7 September 2016, 10.30-11.45, Khalili Lecture Theatre

Professor Charles Armstrong (Columbia University)
‘The Korean War and the East Asian Peace’, Wednesday 7 September 2016, 11.45-13.00, Khalili Lecture Theatre

Professor Koichi Iwabuchi (Monash University)
‘Trans-East Asia as method’, Friday 9 September 2016, 9.30-11.00, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre.


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