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Han Collection’s Korean Arts lecture series

‘Korean Arts’ Lecture Series

Han Collection presents the Autumn lecture series on Korean Arts.
Han Collection | 33 Museum Street | Bloomsbury | London WC1A 1LH |
Contact [email protected] for more information

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Join us for a very special lecture series this October, with lectures by Professor Youngsook Pak.

These lectures will take you on an artistic and historical journey through the history of Korean arts, including;

Koguryo Tombs and Murals (4th – 7th century), to Buddhist Sculpture and Sokkuram (7th – 8th century), right up to Koryo and Choson ceramics (12th – 16th century), among others along the way.

Each lecture is designed to help you better understand the interesting and unique heritage of the Korean peninsula, its artistic style, and direction, as well as giving a clear grounding in the history of these important periods, arts and sites, from around the country.

This lecture series is a perfect place to become acquainted with Korean arts, art history, and antiques from the Korean peninsula. This series is suitable for both enthusiasts and professionals wanting to expand their knowledge of Korean arts through time.

The number of available spaces for this lecture series is 8 people, therefore, unfortunately, spaces are on a first come first served basis.

Please also note that there is a participation fee of 200GBP for the full series of lectures (25GBP per session). Attendees are required to give the payment for the series up to a week before commencement. Please contact us regarding payment details and any other inquiries.

Each session will start at 11 am.

About the lecturer

Pak Youngsook
Professor Youngsook Pak, BA (Ewha) PhD (Heidelberg)
Professor Pak has published numerous articles, books, and chapters in various publications, such as; ‘The State of Field: Koryo Buddhist Painting.’ How to approach Korean Art History? Craft Art and Craftsman. pp. 151-159 in 2003.

As well as History, Language, and Culture in Korea. Proceedings of the 20th Conference of the Association of Korean Studies in Europe, in 2001 (with Youn.J as co-editor) among other publications.

She is also an Emeritus Reader, for both the school of arts and the department of, History of art and archaeology, school of art as SOAS, University of London. She is also a research associate for the centre for Korean Studies (London).

Date Lecture Title
Mon 2nd Oct Koguryo Tombs and Murals (4th – 7th century)
Wed 4th Oct Silla Royal Tombs: Hwangnam Great Tombs (5th – 6th century)
Fri 6th Oct Paekche – King Muryong’s Tombs (AD 523)
Mon 9th Oct Buddhist Stone Pagodas and Reliquary (7th – 8th century)
Wed 11th Oct Buddhist Sculpture and Sokkuram (7th – 8th century)
Fri 13th Oct Gyeongju South mountain (8th – 9th century)
Mon 16th Oct Koryo Buddhist Art (13th – 14th century)
Wed 18th Oct Koryo and Choson Ceramics (12th – 16th century)

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