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Fringe review: Monkey Dance

Monkey Dance
Monkey Dance gets some promotion on the Royal Mile (photo: LKL)

This is a fun musical in which eight incredibly energetic and athletic performers leap around on stage to the musical accompaniment of a quintet of vocalists, beat-boxer and bass. There’s a loose story-line (not that it matters too much as the emphasis is on the music and action) in which an explorer comes to the jungle to find some monkeys as potential organ donors and is eventually accepted as the leader of the tribe.

Quite apart from their athleticism, the performers are to be congratulated for their attention to detail: when they are not at the centre of the action doing backflips or breakdancing moves each actor is in character as a monkey, scratching themselves and making appropriate monkey sounds.

Monkey Dance
Source: Monkey Dance Facebook Page

The audience loved their performance which was entertaining throughout, and just about the right length. The musical support was impressive given that the only instrument used (other than the human voice) was the bass guitar. Recommended family entertainment.


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