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Studio visit: Kim Juree & Neil Brownsword’s open studio at the V+A

Kim Juree
Visitors chat with Kim Juree at a recent open studio

Do pay a visit to see Kim Juree and Neil Brownsword at the V+A during one of their open studios. There will be more coming in early 2018 before their joint residency ends in March. Neil will tell you about his visits to Icheon and his current project at the V+A with 19th-century ceramic pattern books, while Juree will show you the work in progress and designs for her latest evanescence landscape, the Robin Hood Gardens blocks of flats in Poplar, currently being demolished.

Robin Hood Gardens: photo credit Luke Hayes
Robin Hood Gardens: photo credit Luke Hayes |

When the next round of open studios is announced, pop up to Level 6 of the V+A to visit their workshop, and while you’re there, take another look at the Contemporary Korean Ceramics exhibition at the easternmost end of the wing.

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