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Korean Crafts at Collect 2019

I always enjoy visiting Collect – and not just for the Korean exhibitors. Obviously, though, it’s the Korean galleries that attract my attention the most, and it’s good to see the Korean Craft and Design Foundation back for their sixth year. They always present a high quality selection of work; but for me the highlight last year was the display put on by the noted ceramic centre of Icheon, assisted by gallery LVS. They too will be returning this year. A third gallery which is new to me is Wannmul, making their first appearance, but some of their artists are familiar names here. I’m going to enjoy this year.

Update 17 August 2019: apologies to jeweller Misun Won for missing her off the list. She was part of the Craft Scotland selection of artists this year.

Collect 2019

The international art fair for modern craft and design
Saatchi Gallery | Duke of York’s HQ | King’s Rd | Chelsea | London SW3 4RY
28 February – 3 March 2019 | Buy tickets

Korean exhibitors as follows:


Artists: Jae-wook Choi, art jewellery | Jeong-yong Han, ceramics | Jae-hyo Jung, ceramics | Yu-ri Jung, metal, ottchil painting | Hye-jeong Kim, ceramics | Ki-ra Kim, glass | Su-yeon Kim, glass | Hee-jin Lee, art jewellery | In-jin Lee, ceramics | Young-im Lee, art jewellery | The-kyoung Minn, metal | Mee-kyeong Park, metal | Byong-uk Yeo, ceramics

Founded in 2005, Wannmul has led the way in making contemporary crafts a way of life while keeping the essence of Korean traditions. It supports young artists and a continuing attention to various materials and new aesthetics has expanded the portfolio of its makers. Wannmul is convinced of the importance of restoring craftsmanship and authenticity of material to improve the quality of our lives.

Jae-wook Choi: Dance (2018)
Jae-wook Choi: Dance (2018). 24k Gold, Porcelain. L 201 Cm Photo: Kwang-choon Park Guide Price: £2,700

Korea Craft and Design Foundation

Artists: Annaliisa Alastalo & Sung-hwan Hong, glass | Se-jin Bae, ceramics | Hye-young Cheon, ceramics | Woo-sun Cheon, metalworks | Hae-cho Chung, lacquer | Sang-wook Huh, ceramics | Hee-ang Kim, jewellery | Hyun-ju Kim, metal | Jun-su Kim, leather | Jung-suk Lee, ceramics | Soo-jong Lee, ceramics | Seo-hee Park, ceramics | Sung-wook Park, ceramics | Hye-jung Sin, jewellery | Ju-cheol Yun, ceramics

Korea Craft & Design Foundation (KCDF) is a public organisation under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in South Korea. Founded to promote and support Korean craft and design, KCDF plays an important role in developing a global awareness and understanding of Korea’s rich craft and design heritage.

KCDF will celebrate its fifth edition at Collect 2019 with ‘Lost in Tradition’, curated by Lloyd Choi. Marking a highly successful creative partnership between Choi and KCDF, the selected artworks will offer a journey into mindfulness, an experience in which viewers can lose themselves in traditional values and culture in order to appreciate art and life.

Sang-wook Huh: buncheong jar (2018)
Sang-wook Huh: buncheong jar (2018) 370 x 370 x 410mm. Clay, white slip, iron pigment, silver pigment.

Icheon Ceramic via Gallery LVS

Artists: Rae-Heon Park | Soon-Tak Ji | Se-Yong Kim | Kwang-soo Seo | Kyung-Tae Kwak | Chul Shin | Dae-Hoon Kim | Dae-Yong Kim | Seong-keun Jeon | Pan-ki Kim | Ji-woon Yang | In-Kyu Choi | Kyu-Tak Lee

Icheon City, Korea, has a tradition of artisanship dating back over 1,000 years and is at the heart of Korean ceramic production. In 2010 Icheon City was designated UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art, which allowed its ceramics to be recognised and appreciated on an international level. Its distinct style has at the same time distinguished itself from those of other cultures while having a great influence on the domain in general. Gallery LVS & LVS Craft exhibits and represents modern and contemporary art and craft through active engagement with both local Korean and international scenes. Gallery LVS & LVS Craft was one of the first galleries to represent Korean contemporary craft artists, and organised the first solo exhibitions in Korea of prominent artists such as Ernst Gamperl, Jennifer Lee and Bodil Manz.

Soon-Tak Ji: White porcelain prunus vase
Soon-Tak Ji: White porcelain prunus vase with barley pattern design in underglaze cobalt blue. 25 x 25 x 35cm.

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