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Screening: Daily Bread + 50 Years of Silence

Two films on the subject of a Dutch “Comfort Woman”.

Daily Bread + 50 Years of Silence

Arapina | 8 Little Thames Walk | London SE8 3FB
6pm, Wednesday 1 May 2019

Daily Bread
Director: Ruby Challenger (Australia 2018, 15 mins, Dutch & Japanese with English subtitles. Historical drama)

50 Years of Silence
Director: Ned Lander (Australia 1994, 57 mins, English. Documentary)

Daily Bread

Daily Bread dramatizes an episode from the filmmaker’s grandmother Jan Ruff O’Herne’s book, ’50 Years of Silence’. Jan is a Dutch prisoner of war in Japanese controlled Indonesia. She decides to help a starving child, with disastrous consequences for the whole camp.

50 Years of Silence documents the incredible story of Jan Ruff O’Herne, one of an estimated 200,000 women and girls forced into Japanese military sexual slavery across Asia in WW2, euphemistically called ‘comfort women’. When elderly Korean survivors spoke out about their experiences in 1992 they began the original ‘Me Too’ movement. Jan, now settled in Australia, knew it was time to tell the world, and her own family.

Screened by Justice For ‘Comfort Women’ UK as part of the New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival. All screenings are free, but include a retiring collection to cover film licences and festival costs.

We are very grateful to Arapina bakery for offering their space for this community event. Come early and enjoy their delicious and healthy treats with a coffee.


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