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Two good sources of Korean Studies videos

First, the Center for International Affairs at the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) would like to share a Youtube Channel which has lecture videos on various Korea-related topics. The lecture contents are made based on the Societas Koreana lecture meeting programme in which foreign diplomats and researchers who reside in Korea have participated.

An index of the lectures can be found here and the YouTube channnel is here.

As a sample, here’s Kathryn Weathersby on the involvement of the Stalin and Mao in the outbreak of the Korean War:

Second, a reminder of the excellent series of lectures hosted by the Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch – an organisation that anyone who follows LKL should join, whether or not you live in Korea.

The RASKB YouTube Channel can be found here, and you can also access some of them via the RASKB blog. Here’s Matthew Van Volkenburg on the risk and fall of 1970s youth culture:

Happy studying.

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