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Y Dance: Hyper Hygienic, at Resolution 2020

Y Dance returns to The Place as part of Resolution 2020:

Jaz Woodcock-Stewart / Petronella Wiehahn / Y Dance

The Place | 17 Duke’s Road | Euston | London WC1H 9PY UK |
Thursday 23 January 2020, 7:30pm
Duration: 90 mins
Tickets £12 | £16 | Get tickets

Hyper Hygienic graphic

Jaz Woodcock-Stewart | Learning Piece

Learn the clarinet
Learn foreign policy
Learn to walk
Learn a language
Learn manners
Learn to let go
Learn discipline
Learn a technique
Learn to cook
Learn to drive
Learn to do a smoky eye
Learn to code
Learn to touch type
Learn to crochet
Learn to fly

A striking new piece by Jaz Woodcock-Stewart, the maker and creator of Civilisation and Lands.

“Complex, raw and insensibly smart. I could watch it forever ★★★★” The Guardian on Civilisation
“Mightily Moving”★★★★ Time Out on Lands

Petronella Wiehahn | Body Space Body Time

Vast, enclosed, light, dark or curved – how do we feel and move in different spaces?

Dancers explore the shifting experiences of the space in their body, and their body in space.

They shape space through movement, creating and exploring architectural spaces and leaving behind an invisible landscape of lines and forms.

Y Dance​ | Hyper Hygienic

Hyper Hygienic is a contemporary dance performance, focusing on fine dust (air pollution), which is a severe problem in Korea and China every year – occurring Asthma, respiratory or cardiovascular disease. This work raises the seriousness of environmental pollution and also shows the contradictory attitude of human beings towards the environment, which should be developed and conserved by human beings. Developing an environment brings a better and comfortable life, whilst people need to bear in mind that it may also bring adverse outcomes arisen from human greed. People develop their surroundings to live better; however, it also makes them live worse.

Choreographers: Coco Yeonsoo Do & Yerin Lee
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