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2020 LSE East Asia Forum: Youth in the East Asia – Pioneers of Change CANCELLED

Another Coronavirus casualty

The LSE hosts its second big conference of the year:

2020 LSE East Asia Forum: “Youth in the East Asia: Pioneers of Change”

Saturday 28 March 2020, 10am – 5pm
Old Theatre | Old Building | London School of Economics | London WC2R 1DH
Tickets | £15.00 (Early Bird Student) | £30.00 (Early Bird Other) | Buy tickets
Check for updates on the event’s Facebook page

Public to everyone who is interested in our academic forum.

LSE SE East Asia Forum 2020

Youth has historically been at the centre of change in East Asian societies, such as in the Gwangju Uprising in South Korea, in the May Fourth Movement in China and the Anpo protestations in Japan. Youth is the current and future driving force of these countries, and are faced to conflict and peace, stability and instability at the same moment.

How is this youth doing today in South Korea, China and Japan? What challenges do they currently face? LSE SU Korea Future Association, China Development Society and Japan Society co-organised the 2020 LSE SU East Asia Forum and question the status quo of East Asian youth.

Our forum comprises four-panel discussions:

CUTURE: “Cultural Shift toward Individualism”

The Cultural Shift panel will explore the generational gap in the region, as the youth drifts apart from Confucian values towards individualism and materialism, while contributing to demographic change, and demanding for more gender equality including LGTBQ’s rights.

POLITICS: “What is influencing the youth view on politics and how will they shape the future?”

The Politics panel will discuss how youth political participation varies in each country, how media as a platform that massively impacts youth, and politics mutually influence each other. This panel also eamines how the young generation will lead international relations in this region.

EDUCATION: “Challenges and Opportunities for Youth Empowerment in East Asia”

The Education panel will consider the problems of East Asian education systems, by first examining their negative impact on mental health, then the tendency of increasing inequalities among the population, along with the differences between East Asian and Western styles of education. Moreover, the panel speakers will attempt to detail potential solutions to these issues.

ECONOMY: “Youth Labour Market in East Asia”

The Economy panel will focus on the East Asian labour market, more specifically on the issues of unemployment and the growing number of irregular jobs which are mitigated by digitalization as well as youth entrepreneurship, contributing to the market transition

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