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Mari Kim’s new projects

Here’s a nice introduction to the multi-faceted work of Seoul Based artist Mari Kim, with English subtitles, just released on her YouTube channel.

In the video she announces her plan to post a series of tutorials to help those learning to paint at home. Her work is always accessible, but in 2011 reached a wider audience through her artwork for 2NE1’s second EP.

Mari Kim last graced London with her Immortal Beloved exhibition at Pontone Gallery, which regularly showcases talented Korean artists, and her ‘Where Did You See First?’ appearances outside the Saatchi and Tate Modern galleries in the summer of 2019.

Re-live those happy pre-Covid times…

Immortal Beloved exhibition at Pontone Gallery:

Outside Saatchi Gallery:

Outside Tate Modern:

And in other Mari Kim news, earlier this year she became the first Korean contemporary artist to have her own Kakaotalk emoticon set, undoubtedly the highest art form there is.

Mari Kim emoticons

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