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Traditional Korean Ink Painting course

As a follow-up to her classes in April, Young Maeng is now providing a series of five classes on Korean traditional ink painting:

Traditional Korean Ink Painting

Wednesday, 26 May – 23 June 2021, 7pm-9pm
Apply via link on KCCUK website by 14 May

Ink Painting workshop

The Korean Cultural Centre UK is proud to announce a new course for spring/summer 2021. Artist-researcher Dr Young Maeng will present traditional Korean ink painting for beginners through a variety of painting techniques.

During the five sessions this online painting workshop will introduce and demonstrate traditional Korean ink painting theory and techniques across different levels. You will learn basic and advanced ink brush techniques based on the Four Gentlemen (Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo, and Plum blossom) which represent each season, symbolizing virtue and inner beauty.

Other extended subjects and different techniques will be introduced in each session. You will receive individual and targeted advice for your personal development from start to finish during the five sessions. There is no previous painting experience required to take this class.

During the two hours sessions, there will be time to practice each subject and talk about your work, but participants should also practice outside of the workshop to greatly improve their ink painting skills.

We will have an online Korean Painting Group Exhibition from the work you create at the end of the five workshop sessions.

Course outline

  • Session 1: PPT Introduction to Korean Ink painting and history, along with learning basic ink brush techniques. We will cover orchid and chrysanthemum from the Four Gentlemen and other subjects such as fish and butterfly.
  • Session 2: Bamboo and Plum Blossom will be demonstrated on Korean paper with ink, and we will practice them together with rose, lily, and birds.
  • Session 3: Still life objects such as flower vase, basket, fruits, onion and cloth will be demonstrated with more advanced brush techniques, and you can employ and practice your own still life objects you have at home.
  • Session 4: Different animal paintings – we will practice them together along with your own pet picture if you have one. You can introduce your pet to us too!
  • Session 5: You will learn how to paint Korean landscape painting based on Korean True-view landscape painting theory and examples. You can paint from landscape from your holiday trip pictures, ideal landscape scenery from your online search or your own imaginary landscape as well.


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