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Festival of Korean Dance 2021: Sung Im Her

It’s great that live performance is back!

As the audience will be socially distanced, the performance will take place two consecutive nights to accommodate demand.

Sung Im Her: W.A.Y (re-work)

Fri 17 + Sat 18 September 2021, 7:30pm | Book tickets
The Place | 17 Duke’s Road | Euston | London WC1H 9PY |

Sung Im Her: W.A.Y.

Don’t miss the world premiere of acclaimed choreographer Sung Im Her’s W.A.Y.

Uncompromisingly intense, this performance sees four dancers use repetitive movement alongside an entrancing composition by Belgian musician Husk Husk, to explore the human need for individuality and the longing to be part of something bigger than oneself. The piece flows between a myriad of uncertainty and fear as well as joy, to illustrate this conflict in life. Through complex structures, this performance depicts individuality within togetherness and celebrates the joy of walking the same path along with others.

Choreographer: Sung Im Her
Original dancers: Sidney Barnes, Jin Han Choi, Francesco Migliaccio, Sung Im Her
Dancers: Martha Gardner, Yanki Yau, Iris Chan, Sung Im Her
Original composition and live music: Husk Husk
Dramaturg: Philip Stanier
Original lighting design: Hyung Sun Tak
Marketing & Communication: Jane Chan
Relighting: Marco Cifre Quatresols
Supported by the Korean Arts Council, ARKO Partner and the Flemish Government
Residencies with Cambridge Junction, Winchester University

About Sung Im Her
Sung Im Her’s choreography strikes a balance between a stripped-down, almost formal aesthetic and a content-driven narrative style. She explores the essence of movements, unburdened by cultural or personal meaning, this leads to a minimalist, raw style of movement with strict, geometrical choreographies that are based on iteration. Her work has focused on controversial topics and she informs her views on these matters through rigorous research which she integrates into her choreography.


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