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And in other Apple news…

With all the excitement about the launch of the adaptation of Min Jin Lee’s Pachinko on Apple TV, and Apple’s Oscar win, something that might once have been big news – the appearance of a free-to-view Park Chan-wook short film on YouTube – has not really had much airtime.

Back in 2011, brothers Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong made Night Fishing, a half-hour short film shot using Apple’s iPhone 4. 10 years later, technology has moved on a little, and now comes Life is But a Dream (일장춘몽), a 20-minute short using the iPhone 13.

The cast is led by Kim Ok-bin, who worked with Park Chan-wook in Thirst and who has since more than earned her martial arts credentials in The Villainess. She plays a warrior who died prematurely, and is joined by Park Jeong-min in a similar role, and character actor Yoo Hae-jin as an undertaker. Park Chan-wook has sole directing credit this time, though his brother shares the writing credits. More importantly, some of the regular Park Chan-wook team is also involved, including Production Designer Ryu Seong-hie (who appears in the Making Of video) and musician Jang Young-gyu. In Night Fishing, Jang was present as part of Uhuhboo Project; in Life is but a Dream the music is more in the genre of Leenalchi and SsingSsing, the bands he has been involved with more recently.

The film is a madcap mix of genres: a rom-com musical martial arts ghost story, finishing with a gloriously colourful dance routine in the afterlife. Quite fun and worth 20 minutes of your time, even if you’re more of an Android user.

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