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Documentary screening: Jang Yunmi’s Under Construction

Another screening collaboration between the KCC and Birkbeck:

Living Memories season: Under Construction (공사의 희로애락)

with pre-recorded Q+A
Dir: Jang Yunmi (2018, 88 mins)
Date: Friday 29 July 2022, 6:30pm
Birkbeck Cinema | 43 Gordon Square | Bloomsbury | London WC1H 0PD | [Map]

Tickets: Free | Reserve your seat here
still from Under Construction

Jang Yunmi’s award-winning first feature reflects on the routine of construction worker Sudeok. From a captivating, careful look, as he manufactures reinforcement bars, the film gradually uncovers the physical, emotional and mental impact of his forty-year career in construction.

Jang’s compositions, as she delicately interlaces their discussions with her footage, explore the boundaries between the public and the private. On-camera interviews and phone conversations define the soundscape, and as the voices’ tonal dynamics change so does the texture of the spaces that make up the geography of the film.

A family dimension is revealed early on and remains integral to the film’s perspective throughout this portrait of a working life. The factory, a highway, building sites, Jang’s apartment, the countryside: each appear as if existing on a continuous yet ever-changing spatial spectrum in Under Construction, as Jang contemplates the consequences of the labour-centred mindset of a generation.

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