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Korean cultural programme for Edinburgh Festival

The KCC and the Korea Tourism Organisation have teamed up to present Korean culture to visitors to the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe:

  1. There’s a pop-up cultural centre branded Korea House where you can enjoy many Korean cultural activities during your stay in Edinburgh.
  2. Korea House will also be hosting some screenings of performing arts events supported by Seoul Arts Centre.
  3. Finally, following the success of the Korea-related walking tours in London and Belfast, two tours in Edinburgh are planned. **Update** a third tour now added. Don’t miss it!

Advance booking required for the screenings and walking tours. The latter may prove popular and numbers are limited – a lottery booking system will apply.

  1. **Post now updated** to include details of film screenings partnership with the Seoul Independent Film Festival, 18 – 20 August. The two dramas being screened are real gems, plus there’s what looks like an interesting biopic of artist Kim Tschang-yeul. Skip right to the bottom of the page for more.

Korean cultural programme for Edinburgh Festival

Date: Friday 5 August - Saturday 27 August 2022
Edinburgh (various venues)

Tickets: Free | Further details below
Reservations are required for the walking tour and screenings. Links below
Application deadline applies to the walking tour, and a lottery system applies as places are limited

1. Korea House in Edinburgh

Friday 5 August – Saturday 27 August 2022 | 10 am – 5pm
Closed on Mondays
Venue: Korea House | Conference Centre of DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel | 32 Bread Street | Edinburgh EH3 9AF |

Korea House

To celebrate Korean culture during Edinburgh’ summer festivals season, the Korean Cultural Centre UK is opening a pop-up centre in Edinburgh this August.

The Korea House like our ‘Korea Day’, aims to bring Korean culture to various cities around the UK. We are bringing this extended month-long version to the city of Edinburgh with a variety of cultural activities for you to experience.


Hanbok (한복) is the traditional dress of the Korean people. It is worn on special occasions and anniversaries. The unique clothing lines of hanbok create a delicate flow in line with the body and is especially visible when the wearer of this clothing is moving. Unlike suits made to fit the body, hanbok is loose and expresses the richness and softness of the clothes. You will be able to try on hanbok and take selfies with your friends and family.


The wooden table setting displayed in the Korea House depicts the traditional handicrafts related to Korean food culture. The white porcelain tableware was traditionally used by the upper/ruling classes of the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910). Taking the theme of Korean language, hangeul, the items are made by the craftsmen from Korea.


Seoye (서예) or Korean calligraphy, is the Korean tradition of artistic writing. In Asian cultures, calligraphy is more than the mere act of writing, it is also a way of training and disciplining the mind. There will be a Korean calligrapher who will write your name in the beautiful language of Korean. Do not miss out this unique experience.

Korean Traditional Games

If you have watched the popular Netflix drama – Squid Game, you will be familiar with some of the games we have prepared for you to enjoy.

Ddakji (딱지) or the paper flip challenge. You play by using folded paper tiles. The aim of the game is to flip over your opponent’s card, by throwing one card as hard as possible at the other. If the paper cards on the ground turn over, you win.

Tuho (투호) or pitch-pot. The basic aim is to throw arrows into a pot. The game itself is simple and involves two teams taking turns throwing red and blue arrows into the pot. These days it is common to use rubber tipped arrows, rather than real ones.

Traditional Music by Gayageum Talent

3 – 12 August 2022

Throughout the Festival, the social media sensation Gayageum Talent will busk around the city of Edinburgh. Travelling around the world with Korean traditional instruments, the team will share their music throughout various locations in Edinburgh this summer.

2. Korean Performing Arts On Screen

Free, but booking required via KCCUK EventBrite page
Venue: Korea House

To bring a taste of what Korean performing arts are like to audiences in Edinburgh, the KCCUK are showcasing 5 renowned screenings at the Korea House. These performances have been brought to you by the Seoul Arts Centre (SAC). The performances are varied as they span the non-verbal, traditional, musical, and more.

Junk, Clown

Non-verbal Show|50 min|6 August, 5:30pm

Junk, Clown

Junk Clown is a non-verbal comedy theatre production aimed at children over 4 years. Four clowns gather and have fun, and frolic on stage by engaging in games and pranks with each other. What is even more creative is how they use discarded waste such as drums, bicycle handles, broken bowls, and pots to represent vehicles and animals. There are many positive messages to children and adults alike, such as recycling old material, the positives of being full of life & energy and the power of laughter in challenging times.

Shim Chung

Ballet|90 min|10 August, 5:30pm

Shim Chung ballet

Shim Chung is a ballet based on the Korean folktale about a daughter whose name is in the title. She throws herself into the sea in the hope of restoring her blind father’s sight. This debuted in 1986 and is considered one of the Universal Ballet Company’s best works in its repertoire. To date, the production has been performed in 40 cities across 15 countries.

Yun Posun House Concert

Classical Concert|55 min|13 August, 5:30pm

Yun Posun house

Yun Posun House Concert is a performance presented at the old house of Yun Posun who was the fourth president of the Republic of Korea. The house was built in 1870 and has been designated as a Korean Historic Site.

Chamber music is considered a legacy of the European Royal Court culture however in harmony with traditional Korean architecture, you can view this old house on screen as you revel in popular Chamber music from Hadyn to Rubinstein to name but a few.

J. Haydn – Flute Trio in D Major Hob. XV:16, 1st mov.
F. Mendelssohn – Andante and Allegro Brillante for Piano 4 hands, Op. 92
J. N. Hummel – Piano Trio No.1 in E-flat Major Op. 12, 2nd mov.
A. Rubinstein – Piano Trio No. 3 in B-flat Major Op. 52, 3rd mov.
F. Tarrega – Gran Jota for Guitar
A. Dvorak – Piano Quartet E-flat Major Op. 87, 4th mov.

Into Thin Air

Contemporary Dance|83 min|24 August, 5:30pm

Into Thin Air - still

Into Thin Air is a visual theatre piece inspired by real life. It deals with the disappearance of value and cause and the loss of the present in the rush for a better future. The piece’s dramatic aspects are filled with dark humour and have been derived from the true stories of the participants. As the piece unfolds, the dancers stretch their physical boundaries which are like the characters stretching their realistic boundaries to fit comic-like prototypes. Choreographed by Idit Herman.

Dallae Story

Non-verbal Show|55 min|27 August, 5:30pm

Dallae Story

Dallae Story is a non-verbal puppet show based on the Korean War. Although the piece does not focus directly on the war itself but portrays the efforts of a family to overcome the hardships of wartime in a fairy tale-like fantasy. It does this through the eyes of an unworldly child – Dallae. The story is conveyed through hand manipulation of the puppets. The show received an award at the Tolosa International Puppetry Festival in Titirijai, Spain.

3. Where Edinburgh Meets Korea: K-Pop themed Walking Tour

Sunday 7 August & Thursday 11 August 2022 | 11.00 am – 12.00 pm
Application deadline: 1st Tour – Thursday, 4 August
Application deadline: 2nd Walking Tour – Sunday, 7 August
Venue: Start outside Dance Base, Grassmarket
**Third tour**: 26 August 2022, 3pm | Application deadline: Tuesday, 23 August
Registration and more information via KCCUK website

Graphic for Edinburgh Walking Tour

We take a walking tour through the city of Edinburgh but with a K-Pop twist!

In partnership with the Korean Tourism Organisation, we invite you to take a tour of the city of Edinburgh and introduce Korean culture. We also team up with the Silent Adventures team where we will rhythmically dance and walk through places in the city that share a connection with Korea.

Expect to hear a variety of fun popular K-Pop songs as you take a walking/dancing tour with this great team.

4. Film screenings

18 – 20 August, 5:30pm
Free, but booking required via KCCUK EventBrite page
Venue: Korea House

In partnership with the Seoul Independent Film Festival, we bring you a selection of Korean independent films as part of the programme. These films have been shown across a number of film festivals as the hidden gems of Korean auteurs. They serve as a great introduction to understanding the landscape and diversity of Korean cinema.

The Man Who Paints Water Drops

Documentary|80 min|18 August, 5:30pm | Register here

Kim Tschang-yeul, the water-drop painter

This is an exquisite and piercing documentary film about the artist Kim Tschang-yeul, who died in early 2021. He is regarded as the most recognised artists of his generation who built his body of work around the representation of a single fascinating motif – the water drop. It is a beautiful portrait of a relationship between father and son that reflects on the differences in culture age and temperament. Co-directed by son – Kim Oan and Brigtte Boulillo

Lucky Chan-sil

Drama|96 min|19 August, 5:30pm | Register here

Lucky Chan-sil

Chan-sil, a film producer, finds herself unemployed after the sudden death of her long-time collaborated director. Out of prospects and out of luck, she moves into a low grade room in a poor neighbourhood, but something doesn’t seem quite right with her new elderly landlady.

Director Kim Cho-hee, a former producer for Hong Sangsoo, debuts her own feature with this 2019 award-winning film. As the film begins with a male director suffering a heart attack, director Kim is dramatising her own struggles to break free of Hong’s shadow. Featuring academy award winner Youn Yuh-jung, the film is full of humour and insight about life.

House of Hummingbird

Drama|133min|20 August, 5:30pm | Register here

A young girl's face is beautifully side-lit in the evening sun

Director Kim Bora’s feature debut is set in Seoul in 1994, during the time of the Seongsu Bridge collapse. The film’s heroine, 14-year-old Eunhee, wanders the city searching for love and meaning. The film’s measured pace allows the narrative to examine the tender moments of despair, joy and misery that come with adolescence. Kim presents an honest and poignant take on her heroine with brilliant cinematography from Kang Guk-hyun and evocative soundtrack by composer Matija Strniša as accompaniment. Park Ji-hu as the heroine gives a powerhouse performance. Winner of numerous film festival awards including the Tribecca Film Festival Award for Best International Narrative feature in 2019.


(automatically generated) Read LKL’s review of this event here.

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