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2022 Kimjang Festival

Date: Saturday 19 November 2022, 11am - 3pm
St Georges Square | New Malden KT3 4HG | [Map]

Tickets: Free | Link will be provided to KBCE event anouncement when available
Book kimchi making and tasting classes via EventBrite

Kimjang Festival poster

The Kimjang Festival is back – to be held in St George’s Square right next to New Malden station – this time with some classes in the nearby pub.

As part of the Kimjang festival, KBCE is teaming up with Chef Cindy from The Korean Pantry for a day of Kimchi tasting, making and stuffing. Many people associate kimchi with fermented cabbage (baechu-kimchi), but there are many different varieties you may not be aware of. Kimchi has many health benefits, such as supporting gut health, immune health and nutrition making it the perfect food to complement a healthy lifestyle.

The event will feature different types of kimchi for you to try, along with a plethora of knowledge so you can learn to make, eat and cook Kimchi at home. At the end of each session, guests will receive recipe cards for the Kimchis with step-by-step instructions.

Chef Cindy has over 10 years of experience, starting with a visit in 2012 to South Korea, learning from kimchi masters and ajummas (married or mature Korean women) with traditional techniques going back decades. Chef Cindy also supplies Kimchi to Nigella Lawson!

There will be two Kimchi making sessions at the St. Georges Square and two tasting sessions at the Bar malden.

TICKET IS PER SESSION (ONE TICKET ENTITLES YOU TO A 30 MIN SESSION) – If you want to attend multiple sessions please book multiple tickets. Any questions please send us an email.

St. George Square – Kimchi making classes:

12:00 ~12:30 – Making Cabbage Kimchi (Baechu Kimchi)
12:45~13:15 – Making Radish and Kohlrabi Kimchi

Bar Malden – Tasting four different types of Kimchi paired with Korean food!

13:30 ~14:00 – Kimchi Tasting
14:15 ~14:45 – Kimchi Tasting

There is a maximum of 30 guests per session, and we recommend attendees arrive 15 minutes before the start time. Start times may vary on the day due to over-running events or unforseen circumstances however we will keep you updated on the day. This is part of the Kimjang Festival so there will be other activities happening in the near area. If you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies, please include this information when purchasing your ticket and let the staff know on the day.

Some information about Chef Cindy:

Chef Cindy Robert’s interest in South Korea started 20 years ago when her Korean best friend introduced her to the culture.

After travelling for the first time to Seoul and the countryside in 2012, where she learnt the art of kimchi from Kimchi masters and Korean mums, Cindy returned to London to share all she learned.

She travelled many times again to South Korea to deepen her understanding and knowledge of Korean cuisine, cooking with renowned South Korean chefs, Buddhist nuns and food bloggers. But where she learnt the best tips and techniques was when she made kimjang with older Korean women, sharing techniques that only mums with years of experience would know.

It’s that expertise and knowledge that Cindy now shares via her company, The Korean Pantry, whether it’s from eating her artisan kimchi or coming to one of her cooking classes to learn the secrets of authentic Korean food.

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