Kim Luca Sangjun

LKL has been following the work of Luca Sangjun Kim for almost four years now. His work is the visual equivalent of a tenor church bell ringing. It seems to sing and resonate with complex harmonics. Go along and see what I mean at James Freeman Gallery in Islington: The Great Outdoors Jon Braley & […]


Exhibition visit: 53 young Korean artists at the Bargehouse

by Philip Gowman 15 March 2010
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Fifty three young Korean artists in one place, 2010’s 4482 exhibition is its third and biggest ever incarnation. The initiative’s name is drawn from the UK’s and South Korea’s international dialling codes (+44 and +82 respectively) and focuses on young Korean artistic talent based in the London area. In many cases the artists are students, […]

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4482 [SASAPARI] Utopia / Dystopia: A Palace with Contemporary Views

by Events Editor 18 February 2010
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Now in its third year, 4482 [SASAPARI] is the annual showcase for Korean contemporary artists living and working in London. In 2010, subtitled Utopia/ Dystopia: A Palace with Contemporary Views, it presents the latest work from 53 artists in the cavernous Bargehouse building on the South Bank. In the art world’s continual search for the […]

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Sesame and Saatchi – two contemporary Korean art exhibitions

by Philip Gowman 9 July 2009
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The first hanging of the Moon Generation exhibition, for all the fanfares which went with it, was disappointing. Single works by different artists can work in a room together – Christie’s showed us how with their recent photography sale – but the Moon Generation curator’s first shot at doing so failed. In part, this was […]

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Ideal Worlds at Sesame Art

by Events Editor 28 June 2009
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I must apologise to the folks at the Sesame gallery in Islington for failing to post this events notice earlier. IDEAL WORLDS South Korean Contemporary Art Koh Sang Woo – Luca Sangjun Kim – Gee Song 4 June – 3 July 2009 Opening Reception: Thursday 4 June 6-8pm Speeding into the future, full throttle, firing […]

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The artists at Spectrum

by Philip Gowman 19 December 2007
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Here are brief details of the works and artists appearing in the Spectrum Korean Contemporary Arts show at the Jerwood Space, 14-18 December 2007. The details are extracted from the exhibition catalogue. Luca Sangjun Kim My paintings are focused on materialization of fundamental elements of painting applied. With the properties of paint as material, a […]

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Spectrum: 2007 Korean Contemporary Arts show

by Events Editor 9 December 2007

Last year saw the first of what might be turning into an annual event: a showing of young Korean artists working in London, at the Jerwood Space in Southwark, behind Tate Modern. LKL found out about last year’s show, Still Dynamics, very much at the last minute, but we still provided some coverage here. This […]

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