Inventing Temperature – the KCC’s summer exhibition

Now this is something quite different: an exhibition inspired by the ideas of a Cambridge academic. Hasok Chang is Hans Rausing Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge, and describes his research interests as “history and philosophy of chemistry and physics from the 18th century onward; philosophy of scientific practice; other topics in […]

Kim Suhee’s Ribbon of Error at the RCA

At the various group shows put on at the art colleges you can usually count on encountering more Korean artists than you were expecting, and the interim exhibition at the Royal College of Arts this weekend was no exception. I had gone along to see a performance of Kim Suhee’s work Ribbon of Error, and […]

Crystallize: New Media Art Lab Korea & UK

Sharing space with the Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo is an interesting media art show featuring British and Korean artists: Crystallize: New Media Art Lab Korea & UK Crystallize is a 3 day laboratory and exposition of international artists situated in the 1,000m² vault space that lies beneath the trade floor of the Korea Brand […]