Korean navy buys British helicopters

The Korean navy is to buy KRW 589 billion worth of anti-submarine helicopters from AugustaWestland of the UK in preference to a US machine. The contract size is about the same as the Royal Navy’s order of Korean fuel tankers from Daewoo, announced last year. Links: Press release from AugustaWestland

Korea’s Black Eagles steal the shows

Amy Lloyd, a regular spectator on the air show circuit, catches the Black Eagles in Gloucester. The Black Eagles Display team are The Republic of Korea’s Air Force Aerobatic Team, and run eight supersonic T-50 Golden Eagle jets. This season was their first in the UK and so far they have attended three major air […]

Korean Rockets Part 1 – the Singijeon

As stated previously (in Korean Naval Firepower Part 1), there is evidence to suggest that gunpowder was in use in Korea during the Three Kingdoms period (57~668 AD). If, as some scholars believe, saltpeter firearms were invented in Korea in the 7th century, this would place the invention 100 years before it is believed to […]

The Turtle Ship

There is a story that when the nascent Korean shipping industry was attempting to raise capital, Barclays asked what the Koreans could provide in the way of security for the loan. The Korean executive is said to have taken a 500 won bill from his pocket, which featured the turtle ship of Yi Sun-sin, and […]

The British fighter pilot buried near Pyongyang

Michael Rank in the Asia Times on the British fighter pilot buried near Pyongyang. Well worth a read. http://bit.ly/1Os32 # There can be no lonelier grave anywhere on Earth. Amid fields close to the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, lie the remains of Flight Lieutenant Desmond Hinton, a British fighter pilot who flew for the United […]

DPRK e-bulletin: “Ulji focus lens” exercises

Apologies for the delay in posting this and the following e-bulletin from the London embassy of the DPRK: KPA Panmunjom Mission Terms “Ulji Focus Lens” War Action Panmunjom, August 22 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the Panmunjom Mission of the Korean People’s Army issued a statement Tuesday condemning the “Ulji Focus Lens” joint military exercises […]

Explanation of Operational Control

Courtesy of Tom Coyner, here’s an explanation of what operational control is all about. The recent Washington Post article is a reasonably good survey of some of the current tensions between Korea and the U.S., specifically over their respective policies toward North Korea and over a number of alliance issues involving the U.S. military presence […]