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K-rime: Timeless, Bottomless Bad Movie screening

Join us for a very rare screening of Jang Sun-woo’s Bad Movie, also known as Timeless, Bottomless Bad Movie (1997), a transgressive piece of cinéma vérité that turns its lens onto the homeless and runaway teens of ’90s Seoul as they sniff glue, commit random acts of violence, and feel a profound sense of loss … [Read More]

The Korean Film Archive Youtube Channel

Continuing some suggestions of what to do when you’re stuck at home… Many of you will already be aware that the Korean Film Archive has a wonderful YouTube Channel with loads of classic Korean movies, with English subtitles, available for free. Thing is, I’ve never found an index of the channel. So, over the years … [Read More]

London Korean Film Festival 2019: the official press release

Here is today’s official press release that announces the line-up for the 2019 London Korean Film Festival: The London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) has launched its full programme of films and events for the upcoming 14th edition, taking place from 1st-14th November in London before embarking on the annual tour 18th-24th November. The Special Focus, … [Read More]

Home Truths season: Lies

This X-rated movie was one of the first Korean films LKL’s editor saw, when it had a theatrical release in London in the early noughties. It doesn’t get screened often and it’s worth catching to see one of Jang Sunwoo’s more controversial films. Lies (거짓말) Dir: Jang Sunwoo (2000, 112 mins) Cast: Lee Sang-hyeon, Kim … [Read More]

Screening: Jang Sun-woo’s A Petal

It’ll be good to get another chance to see this classic movie. Thanks to the KCC for programming it. A Petal (꽃잎) Director: Jang Sun-woo (1996, 101 mins) Cast: Moon Sung-keun, Lee Jung-hyun, Lee Young-ran, Yoo Soon-chul Original novel by Choe Yun 10 May 2018 7:00 pm, KCCUK. Book via EventBrite Stumbling along rivers and … [Read More]

Variations on Jang Sun-woo

Tony Rayns tells us in his KOFIC book about Jang Sung-woo that he once interviewed the famous director naked in a jjimjilbang. Rayns’s documentary film about Jang, entitled the Jang Sung-woo Variations, is bookended by extracts from the interview, with Jang being given a relaxing back massage; and in between are other extracts of the … [Read More]

Jang Sun-woo season: Lovers in Woomuk-baemi at the KCC

The Jang Sun-woo season winds up on Thursday with one of’s top 10 films of the 1990s: Lovers in Woomukbaemi 7pm, Thursday 26th August Director: Jang Sun-woo Cast: Park Joong-hoon, Choi Myoung-gil Genre: Drama Certificate: 18 (South Korea) Running Time: 114 mins Venue: The Korean Cultural Centre UK Ground Floor, Grand Buildings 1-3 Strand, … [Read More]

Jang Sun-woo Variations with Tony Rayns at the KCC

The Jang Sun-woo season continues tomorrow at the KCC with the Jang Sun-woo Variations, followed by Q&A with Tony Rayns. Details below: The Jang Sun-woo Variations 7pm, Thursday 19th August Director: Tony Rayns Cast: Jang Sun-woo Genre: Documentary Certificate: Not rated Running Time: 118 mins Venue: The Korean Cultural Centre UK Ground Floor, Grand Buildings … [Read More]

Jang Sun-woo season at the KCC: full details

Here’s the press release for the Jang Sun-woo season at the KCC this month. We’ve already had A Petal last week, and Road to the Racetrack is this week. Tony Rayns introduces his documentary on Jang the following week, while the another rarity, one of’s top 10 films of the 1990s, The Lovers of … [Read More]

Jang Sun-woo season: “A Petal” to screen at KCC

Back in October 2008, a creative Korean traditional music group called Baramgot, led by composer-musician Won Il, gave a sparsely attended concert at St Giles Church Cripplegate. It was their first UK performance, and no-one knew quite what to expect. They blew us all away with their haunting, atmospheric music, and the concert was one … [Read More]