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Dec 07 BAKS conference report #7: Koen De Ceuster

Dr Koen De Ceuster – Docent, Leiden University The Korean delegation at the 1907 Peace Conference in The Hague Abstract: Barred from attending the Hague Peace Conference, the Korean delegation at first sight miserably failed in its task of representing Korea at the Conference. Reading this episode as a continuation of Kojong’s ongoing attempts to … [Read More]

Dec 07 BAKS conference report #6: Owen Miller

Dr Owen Miller – Research Fellow, Centre for Korean Studies, SOAS The crisis of Seoul’s traditional commercial system, 1876-1895 Abstract: The guild system of late Chosŏn Seoul and the guild-government trade underpinned the commerce of the capital city and represented a significant slice of national commerce as a whole. This premodern commercial system rested on … [Read More]

Dec 07 BAKS conference report #5: James Grayson

Professor James Grayson – Professor of Modern Korean Studies and Director of Centre for Korean Studies, Sheffield University Ch’udo yebae: a Protestant substitute for Confucian ancestral rituals Abstract: An early resolution of a conflict of values is necessary if a missionary religion is to find acceptance in the culture of the receiving society. In East … [Read More]

Dec 07 BAKS conference report #4: James B. Lewis

Dr James B. Lewis – University Lecturer in Korean History, Oxford University Korean expansion and decline from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century: a view suggested by Adam Smith Abstract: The first price runs for Korean rice help us develop a Smithian physiocratic model to explain the low, stable prices of the eighteenth century and … [Read More]

Dec 07 BAKS conference report #3: Peter Kornicki

Professor Peter Kornicki – Professor of East Asian Studies, University of Cambridge Publishing and translation in the Chosŏn period Abstract: Korea is famous in the global history of printing not only for the concrete evidence of printing in the eighth century found at the Bulguksa but also for the development and use of movable type … [Read More]

Dec 07 BAKS conference report #2: Anders Karlsson

Dr Anders Karlsson – Lecturer in Korean, SOAS Royal benevolence and disaster relief in Choson Korea No abstract is available Notes (the usual caveats about my amateur efforts apply) AK started with a brief account of the severe floods in Pyongan province in 1859. The records indicate that the central government sent an “admonishing magistrate” … [Read More]

Dec 07 BAKS conference report #1: Martina Deuchler

Professor Martina Deuchler – Professor of Korean Emerita & Professorial Research Associate, SOAS The social in society: some reflections on the meaning of descent groups in Korean history Abstract: The presentation will focus on the history of what I call the Korean “descent group” (ssijok) and trace its evolution from early Korea (Silla and Koryŏ, … [Read More]

Conference news: Social and Cultural Change in late pre-modern Korea

A one-day conference at the British Academy organised in collaboration with the British Association for Korean Studies Convenors: Professor Peter Kornicki, FBA – Professor of East Asian Studies, University of Cambridge Professor James H. Grayson – Professor of Modern Korean Studies, University of Sheffield Friday 7 December 2007 9.30am – 5.00pm The British Academy, 10 … [Read More]