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Behind the scenes with the KAA

The plan for an evening of performance and visual arts at the KCC came quite suddenly, and when I met Park Sunnee for a quick chat about it six weeks ago the plans all seemed rather vague. I have in the past been sceptical about Korean organisational abilities, and the mountain to climb in such … [Read More]

Tweeting the KAA October performance

19 Oct 2009: Photos from the Korean Artists at the KCC event (16 October) are up on Flickr Thanks to Mr Lee Hyung-wook of The East # 17 Oct 2009: Totally relieved that the KAA event at the KCC is over. I think it was a massive success. Well done all. # 16 Oct … [Read More]

An evening with the Korean Artists Association

The UK Korean Artists Association invite you to a varied evening of visual and performing arts on 16 October at the Korean Cultural Centre. The Korean Artists Association was formed twelve years ago to represent UK-based Korean artists, and counts among its membership dancers, painters, sculptors, musicians and other creative artists. Their evening at the … [Read More]