Antarctic Journal: a promising start, a confusing end, and a film to be avoided

Antarctic Journal (Im Pil-seong, 2004) screened at the KCC on 24 April as part of the Year of the Film Professionals. The second professional to be so featured was cinematographer Chung Chung-hoon, who gives Park Chan-wook movies their distinctive look. Antarctic Journal is one of Chung’s rare films with another director. Given the poor reviews […]

Screen writer Park Hoon-jung the first focus of the KCC’s 2014 film programme

Having focused on actors and directors in their screenings in the last two years, the KCC this year shifts to looking at other members of the production team – music directors, cinematographers, production designers and the like. Appropriately, in the run-up to the London Book Fair in April, the first profession to get the spotlight […]