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A review of the Korean cultural year 2019

A review of some of the highlights and trends in the Korean cultural year, primarily in London but also with half an eye to anything we might have seen elsewhere in the UK. The review is a personal one, inevitably skewed towards the events we managed to get to. Introduction This time last year I … [Read More]

Bae Chan-hyo’s new book of photography

I always find it strangely rewarding when things going on in London get featured in the Korean press. London-based photographer Bae Chan-hyo’s upcoming exhibition at Purdy Hicks, Jumping Into, gets a feature in yesterday’s Korea JoongAng Daily newspaper. Bae has been active on the London art scene at least since 2006, when he took part … [Read More]

Chan-Hyo Bae: Jumping Into, at Purdy Hicks

A welcome new exhibition by Chan-Hyo Bae: Chan-Hyo Bae: Jumping Into 8 March – 1 April 2019 Purdy Hicks Gallery | 25 Thurloe Street | London SW7 2LQ | Open Monday – Friday 10-6 | Saturday 11-6 Gender, culture, isolation, prejudice, and stereotypes are explored in the work of Korean photographer Chan-Hyo Bae (born … [Read More]

Gallery: Korean Artists at London Art Fair 2017

A quick post to upload some of the photos of the various galleries exhibiting Korean art at this year’s London Art Fair (plus one gallery that I missed). Hanmi Gallery Jaye Moon Jaye Moon’s work had been getting a fair amount of attention – guerrilla-style installations of Lego dotted around the Business Design Centre and … [Read More]

Korean artists at the 2015 London Art Fair

We’ve already posted about the artists being shown by Hanmi Gallery (Projects space, stand 9: Kim Chang-kyum and Mioon) and by CAIS / Skipwiths (Main hall, stand 35: Choi So-young, Chun Kwang-young, Chung Doo-hwa, Kim Ha-young, Lah Sun-young and Park Hyo-jin). In addition to those galleries, Shine Artists (Main hall, stand G25) will be showing … [Read More]

Lee Young-bin: Solo show at Purdy Hicks

Lee Youngbin’s muted works have been quietly shown in group exhibitions at Purdy Hicks over the past couple of years, and have also appeared at art fairs in London represented by both Purdy Hicks and Hakgojae. They don’t shout out at you. But they unobtrusively make their mark on you and stay with you. This … [Read More]

A brief tour of the Korean galleries at Art 14

Korean artists and galleries put on a good show at Art14, and got plenty of attention from the press. Time Out spotted (they were hard to miss) Choi Jeong-hwa’s huge collection of colourful pieces which looked like giant hubble-bubbles, installed at Hong Kong’s Pearl Lam Galleries. Also recommended in the same article was 43 Inverness … [Read More]

Exhibition visit: Bae Chan-hyo – Punishment, at Purdy Hicks

Tomorrow is your last chance to see the first public showing of Bae Chan-hyo’s Existing in Costume series, this particular project bearing the subtitle Punishment. Earlier in the series, Bae has focused on fairy tale characters, or aristocratic western women, each time with Bae dressing in immaculate costume to pose for his self-portrait. In Punishment, … [Read More]

Bae Chan-hyo: Punishment Project — at Purdy Hicks

This is an exhibition I’m looking forward to, after having had a mini preview at the London Art Fair in January. Until now, Bae Chan-hyo’s meticulously staged self portraits have featured him in the clothing of an aristocratic Western female. In his latest work, he dresses up as some well-known male historical characters. Chan-hyo Bae: … [Read More]

Korean Art at the 2013 London Art Fair

It’s January, so it’s time to start thinking about the London Art Fair. This 5-day show at the Design Centre in Islington next week “brings together over 100 leading galleries from across the UK and overseas. Museum-quality Modern British art is presented alongside contemporary work from today’s leading artists, covering the period from the early … [Read More]

Korean artists at the 2011 London Art Fair

The annual London Art Fair kicks off tonight in Islington, and as usual you won’t have to look far to find Korean artists represented there. First up, I-MYU, who have been presenting young Korean artists to a London audience since 2007, will be showing the work of Shan Hur. “When I see construction sites in … [Read More]

Bae Chan-hyo: Fairy Tales

News of Bae Chan-hyo’s summer show at Purdy Hicks: Bae Chan-hyo: Fairy Tales 2 July – 31 July 2010 Following on from his previous series of photographs, Existing in Costume, Bae Chan-hyo’s new work continues to explore themes of identity, alienation and memory through the form of exquisitely staged scenes of traditional fairy tales. The … [Read More]

Oriental male, Western female

One of the most memorable images in the 4482 exhibition on the South Bank last October was a large, carefully staged, meticulously lit photo of a scene from a fairy tale. An elaborate coach looks as if it could turn into a pumpkin at any moment. It’s certainly not going anywhere, despite the alert coachman … [Read More]

Bae Chan-hyo: Existing in Costume, at Purdy Hicks

A notice of Bae Chan-hyo’s solo show at Purdy Hicks: This will be Chan-Hyo Bae’s first UK solo exhibition since his graduation with an MFA from the Slade in 2007. Bae’s work has already been shown in a number of international exhibitions including International Discoveries at Houston Fotofest (2007) and The Third Lianzhou Photo Festival … [Read More]