Quai Branly

Bae Chan-Hyo’s Existing in Costume and Fairy Tales series are in a current group show at the Quai Branly, Paris. Congratulations. bit.ly/pykj2G Keywords: Artists: Bae Chan-hyo (배찬효) Organisations and venues: Quai Branly


Is the French ambassador a fibber, or did Yonhap misunderstand?

by Philip Gowman 22 November 2007

A year ago there was a feature in Yonhap about a new museum in Paris which would feature Korean artifacts in its collection. Some 600 art pieces from Korea, about 88 of South Korean origin and about 505 of North Korean origin, will be displayed at the museum said the French ambassador at a press […]

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New Korean gallery opens in Paris

by Philip Gowman 3 June 2006

For your weekend away in Paris, there’s a new attraction. Steer clear of anything to do with the Da Vinci Code at the Louvre and instead go to the new museum of African & Asian cultures at Quai Branly. Thanks to David at www.kahoidong.com for a link to this article on the Yonhap site. SEOUL, […]

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