Ahn Eun-me talks about Dancing Grandmothers in Dance Umbrella

Star dancer and choreographer Ahn Eun-me gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the choreographic process as part of Dance Umbrella later this month. The festival is online-only, given the current Covid situation. Ahn’s free talk, which will focus on her Dancing Grandmothers project, will be at 1pm UK time on 25 November, at www.danceumbrella.co.uk

LKL at 10 years: the best of the past decade

Well, if you can’t reminisce on your website’s 10th birthday, when can you? Here’s a collection of some of my favourite London memories of the past 10 years (and one or two from slightly further afield). Some of the moments lived up to expectation: a front row seat at a performance by K-pop ballad diva Lee […]

The London Korean Links Awards 2011

The sixth of LKL’s annual unscientific and very personal recognition of the best things of last year. And in the field of film, books and CDs what is encouraging is that there is so much to choose from. There were also plenty of good Korean cultural events in London, Edinburgh and elsewhere, but there was […]

Ahn Eun-me: dancing for grandmother

Good article on dancer / choreographer Ahn Eun-me in the Joongang Ilbo, featuring her upcoming project “Dancing for Grandmother”. http://bit.ly/hfOqgd. Hope we'll see her in London before too long, but we’ve got Princess Bari in Edinburgh to look forward to this summer. Her Chunhyang – An Impossible Love at London’s Peacock Theatre in 2006 was […]