Planet of Snail: “one of the most life-affirming viewing experiences I’ve ever had” says Twitch

If like me you were bored by the recent release of Kim Ki-duk’s self-indulgent documentary and professional suicide note Arirang, you can expect something a lot better from Yi Seung-jun’s documentary Planet of Snail. If the K-pop bash at the Dome this Saturday is not your thing, a civilised time can be had at the […]

Planet of Snail at the ICA

Hot on the heels of Arirang, the somewhat narcissistic documentary by Kim Ki-duk, comes the award-winning documentary Planet of Snail by Yi Seung-jun, which promises to be both moving and life-affirming. It was LKL’s film of the year last year, so we’re very glad to see that it’s got a UK release. Planet of Snail […]