Han Style

Outside the Banqueting House, two Choson dynasty guards in colourful robes stood to attention to welcome the hundreds of guests. Inside, Han Style and Korean hospitality was waiting. It was in this prestigious venue that the Embassy and Cultural Centre had chosen to launch the Korean food offensive in the UK, in an evening entitled […]


Hangul=Spirit: Inspired by Korean Characters

by Events Editor 28 March 2009
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An Exhibition of Hangul featuring four very different Korean Artists ranging from Fashion to Typography: AHN Sang-Soo, CHUN Kyung-Woo, KIM Jong-Won and LIE Sang-Bong

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Han style comes to London

by Events Editor 24 October 2007

It seems that Hanbok events are like buses. You wait for ages, and then three come along at once. The first week in November brings the opportunity to (1) admire, (2) try on and (3) buy your own (genuine antique) hanbok, at (1) the Royal College of Art, (2) the V&A and (3) Linda Wrigglesworth. […]

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The Han Style campaign

by Philip Gowman 23 October 2007
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Realising that the Hallyu may not last for ever, and recognising that the best marketers do not stake the financial health of the company on just one product, the Culture and Tourism ministry earlier this year decided to diversify their product portfolio. Recognising that some of the key differentiating features of Korean culture are designated […]

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