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Those who were unable to make it to Asia House last year to see Kim Hyelim’s lecture-recital on the broad range of capabilities of the Korean Taegŭm can now enjoy a full-length film of the evening by Jason Verney / Native Nomad Pictures, with added extras: View more of Jason’s films on his Vimeo account. […]


Jieun Kim and the three Ws

by Philip Gowman 18 November 2013
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Jason Verney of Native Nomad Pictures and has done a nice mini-documentary of Jieun Kim’s Serendipity exhibition and workshop at Mokspace in the early part of September this year: Check out Jason’s Vimeo channel here: Keywords: Artists: Kim Ji-eun (김지은 aka The Drawing Hand) Organisations and venues: Mokspace Other tags: Native Nomad Pictures

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