Working hours

Seoul is slacking – beaten into second place by Cairo in hours worked per year according to the 2009 edition of the annual UBS Prices and Earnings report. # People in Seoul worked an average 2,312 hours a year, ranking second among residents of 73 major cities around the world. Cairenes were first with 2,373 […]


Sleepless in Seoul

by Philip Gowman 6 May 2009
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The French spend more time sleeping than anyone else in OECD countries. They also devote more time to eating than anyone else and nearly double that of Americans, Canadians or Mexicans. The Japanese sleep nearly an hour less every night than the French and also spend longer at work and commuting than they do indulging […]

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Bugger Seoul, I’m off to Paris

by Philip Gowman 22 February 2007

Another recent article in the JoongAng Daily reports on the Korean long-hours culture. I experienced this first-hand during my recent trip to Seoul. I thought I’d call in at the office, and maybe encourage my colleagues out for a beer or two. I was due to turn up at around 6pm, but because I spent […]

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Seoul’s working hours

by Philip Gowman 22 August 2006

Seoul has the world’s longest working hours, according to the Chosun: People in Seoul work the longest hours per year in the world, says a study by the Swiss financial group UBS. In its report “Prices and Earnings,” the Swiss financial group UBS says Seoulites spend more than 2,300 hours at work each year. That’s […]

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