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The 2005 London Korean Film Festival programme

Taegukgi, This Charming Girl, A Moment to Remember, Spider Forest, Rikidozan
Clockwise from top left: Taegukgi, This Charming Girl, A Moment to Remember, Spider Forest, Rikidozan

Here is the programme of films that screened in the 2005 London Korean Film Festival. Although this post’s datestamp is May 2005 so that it appears in the appropriate month of this site’s calendar archive, it is actually being uploaded in November 2015 (with subsequent edits), and is being posted for archival purposes.

It’s nice that there were some classics included in the programme. As the festival was not well publicised I was unable to plan my diary in advance so missed most of the screenings. I think I got to see Rikidozan, which I found over-long, plus A Family and Spider Forest, both of which I enjoyed, particularly the latter.

Mon 9 May 11:45 Three Short Films: Hitchhiking | Who drives me crazy | Song of Sunhwa
13:50 Aimless Bullet (오발탄, Yu Hyun-mok, 1960)
16:20 Chulsoo and Younghee (철수♡영희, Hwang Gyu-deok, 2005)
18:00 Reception and Q/A time with Song Hae-seong at Rubyblue (opposite Prince harles inema)
19:00 Opening ceremony followed by Rikidozan (역도산, Song Hae-seong, 2004)
Tue 10 May 13:00 Two Documentaries: Ssitkim | Mad Minutes
15:45 Housemaid (하녀, Kim Ki-young, 1960)
18:00 So Cute (귀여워, Kim Soo-hyun, 2004)
20:45 This Charming Girl (여자, 정혜, Lee Yoon-ki, 2004)
Wed 11 May 12:30 A Moment To Remember (내 머리 속의 지우개, Lee Jae-han (John H. Lee), 2004)
15:15 Coachman (마부, Kang Dae-jin, 1961)
17:45 To Catch A Virgin Ghost (시실리 2km, Shin Jeong-won, 2004)
20:15 Taegukgi (태극기 휘날리며, Kang Je-gyu, 2004) (Closing Film)
Thu 12 May 13:00 The Big Swindle (범죄의 재구성, Choi Dong-hoon, 2004)
15:45 Hypnotized / Faceless Beauty (얼굴없는 미녀, Kim In-sik, 2004)
18:30 A Family (가족, Lee Jeong-cheol, 2004)
21:00 Woman Is The Future Of Man (여자는 남자의 미래다, Hong Sang-soo, 2004)
Fri 13 May 13:00 My Generation (마이 제너레이션, No Dong-Seok, 2004)
15:15 A Moment To Remember (내 머리 속의 지우개, Lee Jae-han (John H. Lee), 2004)
18:00 Spider Forest (거미숲, Song Il-gon, 2004)
120:45 Windstruck (내 여자친구를 소개합니다, Kwak Jae-young, 2004)

The festival was held at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square, and tickets were free, on a first come, first served basis. Here is the introductory text for the Film Festival:

This year’s The UK Korean Film Festival 2005 will be much more expanded by merging the London Korean Film Festival which started in 2002, and the Korean Film Festival which the Showroom, Sheffield has held with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in London since 2001. This year, we would like to show the most recent and critically acclaimed films and five most representative classical works at 10 cinemas in major UK cities including London, Sheffield, Edinburgh and Cambridge. The feature film screening will be combined with the screening of documentaries, avant-garde and independent films. Also, there will be a special session for short films made by students of the Yonsei Media Art Centre. In the opening nights, we are planning to invite the director and the actor/actress of the opening film Rikidozan, and have a Q & A session after the film screening.

Since the late 1990s, South Korean cinema has revealed great potential as new entertainment for a global audience. However, its reputation still remains within the circles of film critics and viewers who are engaged in major international film festivals.

The UK Korean Film Festival 2005 aims to promote a critical awareness of Korean cinema to the mainstream audience beyond the exclusive, well-informed film connoisseurs. It is designed as a national tour: after five-day showing at London, it covers more ten cities in the UK. The invited ten-fifteen cinemas in major cities will be the venues for the film festival and will show some of the most recent and highly-acclaimed South Korean films.

Further more, The UK Korean Film Festival 2005 intends to enhance the international reputation of South Korean cinema, by promoting not only the artistic achievement acclaimed by individual filmmakers but also its highly entertaining film products in Europe. In the short term, it will challenge the Japanese and Chinese oriented Asian film culture in UK, by highlighting Korean cinema’s much-deserved reputation as a new force of the world cinema.

In the long term, it could well stimulate a demand for Korean film in the European Market.

The UK Korean Film Festival 2005 also will be the window of contemporary Korean society, providing a great opportunity to exclusive audiences: deepening their understanding of Korean culture and history which would stimulate their working environment and build a better working relationship in Korea.

Directed by Dr. Hyang-Jin LEE and Tae-Min OH

Trawling the WayBack Machine on the web, the following pages from the official website are immediately accessible:

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