Yi Chong-jun: Your paradise

(Green Integer, 2004) Translated by Jennifer Lee, Timothy R. Tangherlini Originally published as 당신들의 천국, Seoul, 1976 A puzzling story about the struggles of successive managers of a leper colony to improve the lot of the lepers. I think the Complete Review shares my puzzlement. One of the best-selling novels of 20th Century Korean literature, […]

Yi Mun-yol: the Poet

Yi Mun-yol: The Poet Translated by Chong-wha Chung and Brother Anthony of Taizé (First published in Korea in 1992. This edition, Harvill 1995) A novel based on the life of a 19th century poet, Kim Sakkat, exploring his development as an artist against the backdrop of the insurrection by Hong Kyong-rae in the north-west. I […]

Theatre visit: Ye-Gam Inc – Jump

A highly entertaining mix of slapstick, gymnastics and martial arts. The first half lacked structure, though it served to introduce the different characters in the “family”. Valiant members of the audience were also dragged up on stage. The second half was much more fun, with a comic story-line to hold things together. Knowing references were […]

Think Korea: Jump comes to the Peacock

An energetic show comes to the Peacock as part of Think Korea 2006. Jump 7 – 26 Feb 2006 Peacock Theatre | Portugal Street | London WC2A 2HT) Introduction 2005`s sell-out extravaganza of feet, fists and fun entertains all ages with hilarious, spectacular acrobatics Key Talent of Show Presenting Korean new hit show, the spectacular […]