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I’ve just been looking at the website traffic statistics for May. Average visits 110 per day; average hits 1,245 per day. Total number of unique visitors in the month: 1,922. Given that this site started only 10 weeks ago, more as a personal scrapbook than anything else, I’m grateful that people find it worth a look. Thanks very much for visiting. Over the coming weeks I’ll be retiring the more colourful MS Publisher pages and transferring all the content to these more sober pages. But I’m gradually teaching myself xhtml, css, and soon php and MySQL, so there may be some presentational changes over time. I vowed I’d never get into all that stuff, but it’s not too painful. Anyway, please keep giving me your feedback. It’s great to hear from you.

(Update 17 October 2006 – I finally killed the MS Publisher pages a couple of weeks ago, so the above link will no longer work)

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