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Crying Nut to tour the US

Crying NutThis story has to be taken with a heavy pinch of salt, because it comes from KBS. But now its members have returned from military service the band has reformed. They are about to release their fifth album, and will tour it to the States later this year. If anyone knows if they’ll be playing New York, please let me know. I’ll try to find an excuse for a business trip. The London gig this year was that good.

Punk band Crying Nut will be releasing its 5th album after a hiatus of 3 and a half years, and hold a concert to introduce their new music. Since the band released its 4th album in December 2002, all the members joined the military to do their compulsory service and were discharged in January 2005. The band worked has been working for the last year and a half since all the members returned from the military and finally, they are ready to release a new album. The new album is entitled “The Milking Cow of OK Corral.” A total of 16 songs are included on the new album starting with a reggae song named “Myung-dong Calling.” The band will hold a concert to celebrate the release of the album at the Seoul-AX on July 22nd. After the Seoul concert, the band is also planning to tour through 3 cities in Japan and 20 states in the US with Dokken, an American rock-metal group who enjoyed great popularity in the 1980s.

One thought on “Crying Nut to tour the US

  1. I assume they’re playing New York, or somewhere reasonably close anyway. The 20 cities is a fact – straight from the accordionist’s mouth via cyworld. I am STOKED.

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