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Motoring supplement

Ever on the look-out for yet more subjects on which I am totally unqualified to speak, this time I’m trying my hand as motoring correspondent. I don’t have a car (I don’t need one in London), and on the rare occasions when I need a set of wheels I use the local rental shop, which is a short bus-ride (or, if I’m feeling energetic, a 20 minute jog) away. I’m not terribly well-briefed when it comes to cars, so when I was given a choice between a Mitsubishi Colt, a Honda Civic 2.2 turbo diesel (which the shop owner highly recommended) and a Kia Cerato LX CRDi, of course I chose the Korean car, to see if all the rude things which Jeremy Clarkson says about Korean cars have any basis in truth.

And the verdict? I’ll let you know when I’ve finished the test drive up and down the M40.

Read the verdict.

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