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August events 2006

Bong Joon-ho's The Host
Bong Joon-ho’s The Host

This month’s events are:

The open air Korean festival on the Fairfield which I’m told is near Kingston station. I believe it’s on 12 August. The only details I have are gleaned from running the Korean Residents Society’s events page through the google translator. The mangled prose which emerges for August is

  • Korean banking (Korean Festival)
  • Overseas compatriot foundation real picture team Korean sliced raw fish visit
  • Kingston from Fairfield Ground Korean banking holding
  • Informative, huh? But I’ve spoken to my secretary who went along to this last year (her sister teaches English to some Korean kids) and she says it’s great fun. Seriously though, if any of you know anyone at the Korean Residents Association and can get any further information about this or any other events that they organise, please let me know. They haven’t been too responsive to me when I’ve phoned them and emailed them.

    [Update – see the more useful link to the Kingston borough website in the comment from daeguowl beneath this post]

    There’s also the cinematic event of the year, the London premiere of Bong Joon-ho’s film The Host, on 28 August. Email me if you intend coming to this – Jase and I will be meeting up for a beer and maybe a bulgogki beforehand, and it would be good to meet some more kindred spirits.

    Further afield, there’s a conference on the Korean peninsula up in York, 15-18 August; and there’s a discussion on North Korea at Chatham House on the 17th.

    And don’t forget to fill out your application forms for the BAKS conference. Deadline August 21. The conference programme is here.

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