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Jeon Ji-hyun’s smooth thighs

Jeon Ji-hyun Laneige commercialAs regular visitors to this site will know, once in a while I like to lower the tone with an unnecessary post. This post is one of them.

Jeon Ji-hyun as rock chick

I’m not sure how the Chosun Ilbo can tell from looking at the video of the cosmetic commercial in question, from which the still above is taken, but

On stage, [Jeon Ji-hyun] shows off her singing ability and smooth thighs, with a newfound energy infusing her every move.

The cosmetics contract goes some way to compensating Jeon for the loss of the Olympus promotional contract to BoA: in 2003 she was the face of Olympus in Korea – see the Olympus site here, and some YouTubes here.

BoA Olympus advertisement

In relation to the BoA commercial Olympus is said to have commented as follows:

BoA will show off her powerful voice and dance moves while bringing out her gentle feminine side.

I’m convinced that there’s a not very sophisticated computer algorithm that generates this gushing drivel. I’m working on reverse-engineering it, but need a few more examples to perfect it.

BoA's Nike contract

BoA’s Olympus win goes alongside her Nike contract. Nice little earner.

Kim Yun-jin Arena cover imageUpdate (7 Sept)

More drivel from the Chosun to assist in my algorithm:

Appearing in a black tank-top and hot pants, Kim shows off her copper-tone skin as she flaunts her down-home sexiness.

referring to a photoshoot of that star from Lost for a UK lads mag.

In the end, Ms Kim never made it onto the front cover of the UK edition – only a limited print run of copies for the overseas market.

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