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Slim pickings at the 50th BFI London Film Festival

The King and the Clown

This year’s programme has just been published. I’ve searched the website (and the brochure which thudded onto my doormat this morning), but I can’t find much of interest to K-film fans.

Rabbits and BearsOn the plus side, there’s the King and the Clown (review on Darcy’s site here). Good news. (Oct 19). This film had originally been rumoured to be included in the Korean Film Festival programme in May this year, but we speculated here that the distributors were holding the film back for this BFI festival. The distributors must now be feeling very silly, because the King and the Clown is now no longer the coolest Korean film of 2006 – this title having subsequently been seized by The Host. Anyway, it will be good to see it on the big screen.

On the minus side, I can’t find anything else apart from a short film called Rabbits and Bears, part of a programme ominously titled Death to Short Film. (Oct 31 and Nov 1).

Both are now on my events calendar. LFF website is here.

If anyone finds any other Korean films on the LFF site, let me know.

(0ff-topic, but the other film I’ll be making a beeline for is Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.)

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