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Festival Film Review: Behind the Camera — the Q&A of the feature of the documentary of the making of the …

British cinema-goers are used to a short commercial before the main feature in which a film director is pitching his latest movie idea to some corporate suits whose only interest is that the film should promote a certain mobile phone network at every opportunity. So it’s not such a strange idea that a well-known Korean … [Read More]

Brief film review: Hope / Wish (Lee Jun-ik, 2013)

One of the more anticipated films of the 2013 London Korean Film Festival was Lee Jun-ik’s Hope, a harrowing family drama examining the long-term effects caused by the traumatic sexual assault on a young girl by a construction worker near her school. It’s a powerful film which one won’t watch for pleasure, or indeed watch … [Read More]

Lee Joon-ik’s Sunny screens at the KCC

This month’s screenings at the KCC show what a versatile director Lee Joon-ik is. After the famous King and the Clown and the musical buddy movie The Happy Life comes Sunny, set in the Vietnam War era – 21 June at the KCC. Sunny (님은 먼곳에) Director: LEE Joon-ik (2008, 126 mins) Screening Date: 7PM, … [Read More]

King and the Clown screens at the KCC

The KCC’s next screening is King and the Clown, on 9 April, Maundy Thursday. As always, preregistration is required. Synopsis below. The story of the film focuses on a pair of clowns who perform comic plays, songs, and acrobatic tricks for aristocrats and commoners during the Joseon Dynasty. Jangsaeng, played by Kam Woo-seong (Spider Forest), … [Read More]

The Grand Culture Project

At the SOAS / AKS conference on 26 June, the talk by Kim Hyeon, Associate Professor of Cultural Informatics at the Academy of Korean Studies, had the title “the Korean Wave, Cultural Content and Cultural Informatics”. “What on earth is Cultural Informatics?” I hear you ask. You would not be alone. But read on. The … [Read More]

Get your preview ticket for the Oscars now

The booking lines open today for the BFI London Film Festival. If you want to see Korea’s entry for the foreign language Oscars, the King and the Clown, book soon. I always find these film festivals a bit crazy. All those films during working hours when people with jobs can’t go to see them, and … [Read More]