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In-flight entertainment

No marks to British Airways for assuming that all their customers, regardless of flight origin and destination, are British or American and have no interest in the culture of wherever they’re flying to or from. The in-flight entertainment provides mainly Hollywood stuff and a bit of British TV, while the audio channels are western classical music and Anglophone pop music. Whenever you fly east, make sure you fly Singapore Airlines, or take a well-charged laptop and a supply of DVDs.

Rain adorns the cover of January's Korean Airlines in-flight magazineKorean Air doesn’t offer much in the way of quality Korean film in January either:

  • Hearty Paws (마음이) An 11-year-old boy, Chani, lives alone with his six-year-old sister Soi, as they wait for their mother to return. Chani steals a newborn puppy for Soi’s birthday. Soi names the puppy Maumy, which means “heart” in Korean. As winter approaches, a tragedy occurs. This tearjerker shows the power of love, devotion and family.
  • Lump Sugar (각설탕) Si-eun grows up on a ranch with her beloved horse, Thunder. Both motherless, the pair form a close bond, but sadness sets in when Thunder is sold. Will the two be reunited?
  • Holy Daddy (원탁의 천사) Young-gyu gets killed in prison after he has made amends to turn his life around. After an angel gives him the chance to return to life to see his son, he finds himself trapped in the body of a high school student. And
  • Radio Star (라디오 스타) Former rock star Choi Gon gets embroiled in a marijuana scandal and winds up playing guitar in a café. Buried in debt, a fight soon lands him in prison, after which he emerges as a local radio DJ in a small town. This is his moving story.

Plus gazillions of Hollyword stuff. Looks grim. But needless to say, Rain adorns the cover of January’s in-flight entertainment magazine (above right), with a feature inside on the Korean Airlines sponsored world tour.

3 thoughts on “In-flight entertainment

  1. Next time…

    I was only on Korean Airlines for a very short flight and so didn’t get to sample any of their entertainment. I walked off with the magazine though 😉

  2. On the whole they are good, though on a recent trip to Seoul I tried to watch Radio Star, but the quality was terrible. I wasn’t best pleased… All the Hollywood films were fine… Typical! Mind you the food is amazing – the bibimbap is very nice indeed.

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