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cRu$ty scores a hat-trick

I almost feel honoured that cRu$ty the playful Algerian hacker has paid me three visits. The second visit was seemingly a personal one – he (or she) actually left a comment on one of the posts. But I know I shouldn’t take it all too personally: according to the site that he (or she) directed me to (update 5 Jan 08 – the site has now been taken offline), the technique seems to be akin to burgling an apartment block. Get in the main door and you can make merry in all the flats at your leisure. cRu$ty’s speciality seems to be breaking open the front door of UK webhosts, and my own site happens to be one of the flats inside: the majority of the hacks are “mass defacements”.

The most recent hack was more complex to unpick, and I’m not sure I’ve done it completely. Let me know if you have any problems. The site may be a bit slower loading for a while because I’ve disabled the caching utility.

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