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LKL is on the move…

This site will not be updated for the next few days. The removal men are in, they’re putting everything in packing cases, wrapping everything up nicely, and hopefully unpacking things and putting them in the right rooms at the other end.

Until you see a post which says “LKL has Landed” this site will be static. Which means:

  • Any comments you leave will not necessarily survive the move
  • I will not be making any posts unless they are urgent – because I’ll have to write them again when I land at the new place (- though if there are any posts which I have already written and scheduled to go up, they will continue to pop up at the appointed time. At the time of writing this, there’s only two rather short CD reviews).
  • Any emails you send to me may be lost

I tried doing the move myself over the weekend, but wasted a whole load of time only to get nowhere (or, to be strictly accurate, a “page not found” error message), so I’ve called in the professionals.

I hope this isn’t going to be too painful…

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