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Through the Looking Glass closes soon

It’s your last chance to catch the Through the Looking Glass exhibition at Asia House. Quite by chance, and unfortunately making no reference to the show, the Times over the weekend featured one of the artists in a weekly column highlighting what’s hot on the web arts-wise.

Sweet Dreams

Crayon drawings by small children are not merely destined for classroom walls or fridge doors. Oh no. In the case of the Korean photo artist Jung Yeondoo, they are the inspiration for his project Wonderland. Jung presents primitive kids’ drawings, but click your mouse and they are transformed into real-life photographs, which try to ape every detail of the original. For example, the work Television was so Funny turns grinning girl figures into a photo featuring five female models with exaggerated facial expressions standing around in a sleek-looking apartment.

Other drawings-cum-photographs include a Wannabe — Singer in which a performer sings in a red auditorium while being showered with straws, and the wonderfully titled Three Brothers Riding the Rainbow Wave. The concept is beautifully executed and utterly charming.

Olav Bjortomt

Jung’s Wonderland project is displaying as part of the Asia House exhibition. The show closes any day now (16 or 17th I think). According to the show’s website it’s closed already. But the artworks are still there. But not for long. Go this week, and ring Asia House before you go to check the stuff is still there.

Explore Jung’s site at your leisure below. Pictured above is Snow White from his Wonderland project.


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