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More news on DPRK London art exhibition

Son U Yong
Mountain landscape by Son U Yong

I’ve just received further information on the artists whose work will be on display in London this summer. It’s the top artists in the DPRK, and there should be something for everyone.

The artists are:

  • Jong Chang Mo (정창모) (People’s Artist, Kim Il Song Prize) – Korean Painting
  • Son U Yong (선우영) (People’s Artist, Kim Il Song Prize) – Korean Painting
  • U Chi Son (우치선) (People’s Artist, Kim Il Song Prize) – ceramic ware
  • Im Sa Jun (임사준) (People’s Artist, Kim Il Song Prize) – ceramic ware
  • Hwang In Je (황인제) (Merit Artist) — woodcut
  • Pak Hyo Song (박효성) (Merit Artist) — oil painting

Jong Chang Mo and Son U Yong were featured in Koen De Ceuster’s talk at SOAS in December last year – leading lights in the Chosunhwa (조선화) style of Korean painting.

U Chi Son is probably the DPRK’s leading ceramist, and a full size shockingly lifelike waxwork of him is on display in the Mansudae studio in Pyongyang. There’s a great photo of it in Charlie Crane’s Welcome to Pyongyang.

Hwang In Je recently was on show at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (link below).

The location is provisionally La Galleria, 5A Pall Mall, SW1, from 18 July.


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