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A fantastic source for Korean rock & indie music

If you’re just starting with Korean rock, indie, alternative and punk music, you could do a lot worse than visit Orienkorean’s YouTube channel (linked below). He’s got wide-ranging tastes and (for how long he’s going to keep this up, I don’t know) he’s trying to upload one music video per day.

Orienkorean was kind enough to pay me a virtual visit from Toronto in the very early days of LKL, over a year ago, and offer his psychological support. At the time I was too busy to take him up on his offer of his introducing me to all sorts of music. But now he’s got his YouTube collection going, I’m going to be visiting him constantly to see what’s good. To whet your appetite, here’s Banana Shake by Humming Urban Stereo. A little bit twee, and probably not the finest thing he’s uploaded, but I’ve been listening to the band a lot recently. And it’s a darn sight better than the stuff I’ll be reviewing over the next week on this site: I just made some seriously duff speculative purchases.


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